Class Reflection


In this class, I feel like I advanced my photography quite a bit. I enjoyed learning new ways to use the camera such as creating panoramas and panographics. I feel that I learned a lot about photoshop this trimester as well. Projects such as the collage and panographics helped me learn how to use tools on photoshop and advance my skills. 

Best work:

Walker_Collage1 Walker_Animals1 BW2




For this assignment, we had to take twenty to forty pictures of a scene and then merge them together to create one large picture called a panographic. For two of the photos, I used photomerge to bring them together and for the other photo, I pieced it together myself. Panographic_Walker1 Panographics2 Panographic_Walker2

I found this assignment to be slightly challenging, the two pictures that I merged with photomerge were easier but the one that I took of the buildings and assembled myself was quite difficult. Since I took the photos at different angles, they didn’t line up right so there was a lot of ghosting on that picture.

Self/Environmental Portraits


Environmental Portraits: Walker_Environment Walker_Environment2 Self Portraits: Walker_Selfie



photo (4)


For this assignment, we had to photograph someone in their “natural environment.” I chose to take pictures of my sister while she was playing her cello, because playing cello is a part of her everyday life. Next, we took “self portraits” to show ourselves in creative ways. I enjoyed coming up with different ways to represent myself and editing the pictures to make them look cool.

Photo Assignment – 6


For this assignment, I took informal portraits of Emily and of my sister. I tried to make them artistic and intriguing so that they were not all the same type of photo.

Original Photo:




Best Photo:



Aperture: 4.2
Shutter Speed: 1/400
ISO: 140

Walker_Portrait_1 Walker_Portrait_2 Walker_Portrait_4 Walker_Portrait_5 Walker_Portrait_6


I enjoyed this assignment. I liked collecting several different photos that used natural light to highlight the features of my subjects. For each photo I took close-ups that I think turned out pretty good.



For this assignment we had to take formal and informal portraits. We took half of the pictures outside of school and half of them in the professional studio in the library.

Walker_Portrait copy


Walker_Portrait3 Walker_NonstudioWalker_Nonstudio2

I really enjoyed this assignment. Working in the “professional” studio with lights was really interesting and I also liked taking the informal photos.



For this assignment, we were required to find an advertisement in a magazine or online, and duplicate it. We took our own photos and used photoshop in order to create an ad as close to the original as possible. 


I learned how to use photoshop better by doing this assignment. I taught myself how to create a canvas and color it and then add text and photos to it. It was an enjoyable assignment.

Photo Assignment 5 – HDR


This weekend I decided to do HDR, since we learned how to create HDR photos in class a couple of weeks ago. For this assignment, I took pictures around my house of various objects, and I made sure that they had a lot of color.





Aperture: 6.9
Shutter Speed: 1/15
ISO: 400
To edit this photo, I played with all of the settings before I converted it to HDR. I made sure there was a high level of detail. Next, I cropped the picture and clone stamped the background so it looked more uniform. I added a white frame to make it look professional.

Other Photos:



From this assignment, I learned that you truly need to stabilize your camera when taking HDR pictures. For most of the photos, I did this but some of them turned out pretty shaky and I had to throw them away. I also learned that light and shadows plays a big part of how HDR photos turn out.